Trinity River Project

A Water, Land & History Field Investigation Day

Learning the basics of water quality and the components of healthy aquatic ecosystems, students will rotate through five stations on the banks of the Trinity River for a hands-on field investigation day

  • Students will use a rainfall simulator to increase their understanding of riparian areas, ground water and run off water.
  • Students will collect and identify macro-invertebrates to determine water quality, based on the organisms found.
  • Students will determine water quality through testing the river’s pH, dissolved oxygen and ammonia levels.
  • Students will experience the Tarrant Regional Water District Stream Trailer, for hands-on experimentation of how streams flow, exploring the balance between erosion and deposition and learning about the natural processes of erosion and flooding.
  • Students will visit the Ripley Allen Arnold statue and learn how Fort Worth was founded on that site in the 1850’s because of the bluff, the river and its resources through interactive storytelling and song, OR create watercolor paintings of the macroinvertebrates they might catch around the river.