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I am reading Judges 4 this morning as I reflect on Veterans day, I have read the story of Deborah many times in my life, and it wasn’t until today, that I realized Deborah was not just a judge but was also considered a Military Leader. I am not sure why it took almost 52 years of living to realize this, but it did. 

Then it got me thinking about how we frame things in our minds. For example, when I was growing up my mom had a shirt that said “Angie, Buddy & Libby’s mom”. It spoke to how many people viewed her, she could have one that said Rod’s wife and the same would have applied. Many people look at you through just one lens they don’t see all the many facets of you. 

Think back over your life, and people you know from your past. They may only have known you for a season, maybe that season of life was a rough one and you didn’t represent yourself well. What about people today? How do they view you? I am a wife, mom, grandma, friend, daughter, sister, business owner of multiple businesses, community volunteer, and several other things I am not remembering at this moment. Some people only see me as Mike the Plumber’s Wife, others see me as a community volunteer, and still, others see me as an inspirational leader. Notice only one of those is how I framed myself earlier. 

It is like looking at a diamond, When I am looking at the diamond from a top view, I see all the beauty of it, but if I turn it to look from the side I see the many facets of that diamond, how the light refracts when it hits it, and how complex the cuts of that diamond is. 

Going back to the story of Deborah, she was so much more than a judge, she was a wife, she was a leader, a mentor, and confident in her abilities; she made an impact wherever she went. 

I challenge you today, to make an impact, on yourself and the people around you. Start looking at how you frame people in your mind and dig a little deeper to see more of them. Then take some time to dig a little deeper and see how well you frame yourself. I believe you will find there is even more to you than you realize. 



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