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Angie Leigh Monroe has authored over one hundred books and been on the best seller list dozens of times all in her dreams! In reality, Angie is just a girl, like many, who had a hard time finding her voice.

Angie is a native Texan, and Navy Veteran who has been married to her husband Michael for 30 years, 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a plethora of fake children. She has worked in corporate America, for a large faith based nonprofit, and as an entrepreneur; that doesn’t even include all of her hours as a serial volunteer supporting worthy causes in her community.

Whether you find Angie onstage, on a podcast or through her writing she is an engaging storyteller, with a mischievous sense of humor. All of her anecdotes find a way to lead you to acknowledge and address things and circumstances that have confined you. She believes that everyone is authentically Be-You-tiful and desires you to see yourself that way.

Like a good charcuterie board, Angie’s life is made up of so many random things thrown together, not quite understanding the value in each part. However, as they are all placed on the tray it all comes together beautifully for such a time as this.

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